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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my trailer?
Most likely yes as long as it has a normal 7 way plug.  Your trailer must have at least one 12 volt battery (house battery) hooked up in order for this to operate.

Will this drain my batteries?
This will draw on the house battery if you are not plugged into a power supply.  As long as you are plugged into a power supply or recharge your battery's you will be just fine.  We have had customers use this product out on the Dunes dry camping and have not had any problems with dead batteries.

How do I install this?
     You may screw the trailer beacon light to an appropriate place near your trailer plug or just let the box hang with your cord plugged in and remove it and stow it before reconnecting to your vehicle.  Easy to install under 30 seconds if you don't screw it to the side of your trailer.

Where can I purchase this?
     You may purchase the trailer beacon light directly from our website, one of our dealers, ebay, or Amazon.

I'm Camping and want the product sooner
     If you are camping at a campsite and want the box shipped to your campsite please list this in your purchase so we may make sure to ship it directly to your camp site.  If you want to get the cool factor before your vacation is up please e-mail jkirk@nwcrinc.com for overnight shipping information.  Please include your address and site number and we will reply with shipping rates.

How soon do you ship?
     We try and ship out same day but because of high demand sometimes it may take a day or two for us to get your product out the door.  Most delivery times are 5 to 7 business days to the lower 48 states.

Trouble Shooting:

I plug it in and nothing happens:

     A lot of times we find that the fuse on the trailer has been blown.  Follow 7 way plug to electrical box on trailer, open it up and check fuse inside the box (Usually 30 amp).  Replace if necessary and try again.

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